What is Operation Sheesh Mahal? why govt accusing kejriwal?

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Sheesh Mahal: The BJP and Delhi’s ruling Aam Admi Party (AAP) have once again engaged in verbal combat, with the former alleging that Rs 45 crore was spent on the “beautification” of Delhi Boss Pastor Arvind Kejriwal’s true home in the Common Lines area and requesting his acquiescence on “moral” grounds. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), the city’s dominant party, retaliated against the BJP despite the Delhi government’s lack of an official response.

Kejriwal’s home renovation cost Rs. 44 billion: PWD

news source A top PWD official was reported by PTI as saying, “It was not a renovation; a new structure has replaced the old one. Also present is his camp office. The expense is around Rs 44 crore, even though it is critical to take note that new designs have replaced the more established ones.

According to the records, the funds were used between September 9, 2020, and June 20, 2022, in six tranches. A sum of Rs. 11.30 crore was spent on inside enrichment, Rs. 6.02 crore on flooring made of stone and marble, Rs. 1 crore for counselling inside, Rs. 2.58 crore on electrical fittings and apparatuses, Rs. 2.85 crore on putting out fires framework, Rs. 1.41 crore on the closet and frill fitting, and Rs. 1.1 crore on kitchen appliances, according to the documents.

Sheesh Mahal

Kejriwal Has to Step Down: BJP

According to a statement from Virendra Sachdeva, the president of the Delhi BJP, Rs 45 crore was spent on Kejriwal’s bungalow’s “beautification” while Delhi was fighting the Covid-19 virus. Sachdeva continued, “Kejriwal should answer the people of Delhi about his moral authority.” While most public development projects were put on hold during the Covid phase, he spent approximately Rs 45 crore beautifying his bungalow.” It has been established, according to the Delhi BJP president, that Kejriwal does not reside in a home, but rather a “Sheesh Mahal” (in grandeur), and he urged the Chief Minister to quit on “moral” grounds.

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It’s a government accommodation, claims AAP

Sheesh Mahal

It is a government facility; it is not Arvind Kejriwal’s property, Chadha, an AAP Rajya Sabha MP, responded to the BJP’s accusations. Without comparing the cost of the Delhi CM’s mansion to the PM’s residence and the residences of chief ministers in other states, how would you determine whether it is less or more? Declared Chaddha. To support the cost expended for Kejriwal’s official house in Delhi, Chaddha also highlighted expenses for the prime minister and chief ministers in BJP-ruled states.



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