United Nations Report: Every fifth Indian will be old by 2050

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According to the latest report of the United Nations, in terms of population, India is the second most populous country in the world after China. Now India has become the largest country in the world with 142.86 crore people. According to the report, India’s population will continue to grow for the next three decades but will start to taper off after that. India ranks seventh in terms of area.

China is the second most populous country

The population of China is 142.57 crores, which is less than that of India. Therefore, now China is the second largest country in the world in terms of population. According to experts, India has stabilized its population, though the fertility rate is still high, which causes an increase in population. The replacement level changes from one generation to the next.

The number of elderly will increase by 2050

According to UNFPA by 2030 the number of elderly will double to about 192 million. According to the report, by 2050 every fifth Indian will be elderly. Hence, there is a need to make plans for the elderly to be safe and taken care of. The density of the population will vary from state to state. As per the UNFPA report, Kerala and Punjab have a more elderly population, while Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have a more young population.

The population will decrease after three decades

According to the United Nations report, the population in India is going to grow for three decades and after that, it will start declining. According to the United Nations ‘World Population Prospects-2022’ report, by 2050, India’s population will be around 166.8 crores. In contrast, China’s population will grow to 1317 million.

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Population is a source of new thinking and sustainable solutions

Andrea Wojner, representative of India and Bhutan to the UNFPA, pointed out that India’s population should be seen as an opportunity. India is the most populous country in the world which can provide possible examples of innovative thinking and sustainable solutions.

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