Top Easter Movies to Delight in This Holiday Season


Easter is a joyous occasion that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. What better way to celebrate this day than by snuggling up with some entertaining and binge-worthy movies? Check out these top-notch recommendations for a delightful Easter movie marathon:


Discover the hilarious American comedy film with a whimsical twist, directed by Tom Hill and released on March 27, 2011. Follow the story of “Fred,” a man who struggles to find his purpose in life until he is unexpectedly tasked with caring for an Easter Bunny he accidentally injured. Don’t miss this fantastic movie blending comedy and fantasy!


Zootopia”, an American comedy fable directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore, was released in the US on March 4, 2016. The film follows the story of a rookie police officer named Judy Hopps, who is assigned to the Zootopia police department. In order to prove herself to her chief, Bogo, Judy enlists the help of a con artist to investigate a case. Discover the amusing tale of Judy’s adventure and her pursuit of justice in “Zootopia



On March 15, 2002, Chris Wedge directed the movie depicting the prehistoric era and the dawn of Ice Age. Experience the journey of the earth’s ancient times in this timeless classic.


In September 2004, director John Michael Williams released a captivating film centered around a group of characters determined to reclaim what was rightfully theirs: the Easter egg supply for that year. Join this team on their mission in this must-see movie.



Released on April 8, 2014, is an American romance-themed family movie. Directed by Sean Olson, the movie shows the story of Three Criminals who try to sabotage a daycare for dogs on easter day.

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On February 9, 2018, the United States witnessed the release of a hilarious animated fable film directed by Will Gluck. The movie follows the story of Peter, a mischievous rabbit, and his sisters, as they frolic and play in the garden owned by Mr. McGregor. Get ready to laugh and be entertained by this charming comedy!

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