Top 5 Criminal Countries in World



Venezuela is the most dangerous country in the world, with a Crime index of 83.76. The US government advises people not to travel there because it is unsafe. Many people think that the high crime rate in Venezuela is because officials are corrupt, the justice system doesn’t work well, and people can easily get guns.

Papua New Guinea

The crime index in Papua New Guinea is very high at 80.79. This means that there is a lot of crime happening in the country, especially violent crimes. One of the main reasons for this is because the country is changing quickly socially, economically, and politically.

Groups called “Raskol gangs” are responsible for many of the crimes. These gangs are made up of people who have little education and few job opportunities.

Corruption is another big problem that contributes to the high crime rate, especially in big cities. Some people use their power to commit crimes and get away with it.

Lastly, the country’s location makes it attractive for people involved in drug and human trafficking.

South Africa (SA)

South Africa has a lot of crime and violence, and it’s one of the worst countries for it. Many people get hurt or killed in attacks, fights, and other bad situations. This happens a lot in South Africa, and it’s because many people are poor, jobless, and left out of society. Violence is also seen as normal there, which makes things worse. Rape is a big problem in South Africa, with many men admitting to doing it in surveys.


Honduras is a country that has a lot of crime. It’s actually the fifth most dangerous country in the world. This means that there is a lot of violence and people getting hurt or killed. The most dangerous year was in 2012 when there were 20 homicides (murders) every day. This was mostly because of gangs with guns, like Barrio 18 or Mara Salvatrucha.

Honduras is also a place where drugs are transported to the United States illegally. This is because there aren’t enough police to stop it from happening. Because of all this, the US government is telling people to be careful if they want to go to Honduras.

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Afghanistan has a lot of crime happening, and it’s one of the worst places for crime in the world. People do bad things like stealing, hurting others, selling drugs, taking people hostage, and hiding money illegally. In the year 2020, Afghanistan made a lot of illegal opium which is used to make drugs. The group that controls the country, called the Taliban, said they will stop this, but it’s hard because it’s an important way for the country to make money. Many people in Afghanistan don’t have jobs, which leads to more crimes like stealing and attacking other

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