Tom Holland is unhappy because he sees a lot of posts from people in India on his Twitter account


Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man in movies, went to India with his girlfriend Zendaya for an event. People on Twitter in India thought he was another person with the same name, who is a writer and journalist.

They kept tagging the wrong person in their tweets, and it annoyed Tom Holland. He asked them to stop doing it.

Tom Holland, the actor who plays Spider-Man, has been in the news a lot lately. He arrived at the airport with Zendaya and apologized to Indian photographers at a fancy event.

Many people have been talking about him on social media using certain hashtags. But, there was a funny mix-up where another person with the same name on Twitter asked people to stop talking about him.

People on social media mistakenly tagged Holland, a biographer and broadcaster, instead of the actor. This annoyed the biographer, as his social media feed was filled with pictures and posts about the actor. He used Twitter to explain the situation and asked people to be careful not to mix up the two individuals. It appears that a lot of people from India were posting on his feed.

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Tom Holland and Zendaya’s trip to India

Tom Holland and his girlfriend, Zendaya, went to Mumbai to attend a special event called the NMACC gala. They were there with many other famous people from around the world and from Bollywood. Zendaya wore a pretty blue outfit and said hello to the photographers by doing a traditional Indian greeting. Holland was happy to be invited and posted pictures from the event before he left India.

Tom Holland called his time in India a ‘wonderful experience’ that he will ‘never forget’.


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