The risk of flu and heart attack is increasing in the changing season, know from the doctor, what is the connection between the two?.


Flu and Heart Attack Connection: Often people start taking the flu lightly with the changing season, but now people need to be careful. In a recent study, a team of scientists has warned that the risk of heart failure has doubled due to the flu.

Talking to News 18 on this, Dr. Subhash Chandra, Senior Cardiologist at BLK Hospital, said that this could happen, because blood clots were seen inside the artery in Corona, due to which the risk of heart attack was greatly increased.

In the same way, it can also happen with the flu. This is because the virus of flu is changing its form and along with it it is also having serious effects on the body.

Is there a connection between the flu and heart attack?

At present, research is going on whether the risk of heart failure has increased due to corona itself or whether it can also cause heart attack due to flu. It has been observed in a study that many people got heart attacks after the flu.

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Many people had a heart failure only a week after the flu. Blood clotting can be a problem due to the flu because corona and flu viruses are similar. Their symptoms are the same and their protection is also the same.

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