Swiggy introduces a ₹2 ‘platform fee’ on all customer food orders, Discover the reason behind it

By polsonnewss@gmail.com

Swiggy, the world-renowned food tech startup backed by Prosus Investment Group, recently implemented a flat platform fee of Rs 2 per order placed. This fee has already been implemented in Bengaluru and Hyderabad but only applies to food orders; quick-commerce or Instamart purchases do not fall under its jurisdiction.

As of now, Swiggy has not implemented this fee in major metropolitan areas such as Delhi and Mumbai. Instead, customers will only pay the platform fee when ordering food deliveries; this differs from the handling charge that all Instamart orders always incur.

India’s leading online food delivery platform, may see an unexpected boost to its revenue with just a small increase of Rs 2 in daily order prices, estimated analysts. Over the last week or two, Swiggy implemented a tax that will likely be extended across other regions; analysts expect this change could provide significant advantages towards reaching their profitability goals and help Swiggy meet them successfully.

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Sriharsha Majety, CEO and co-founder of Swigy sent out an email informing staff that due to reduced shipping activity the company has decided to let go 380 employees due to slower than projected food delivery growth rates. While Swiggy does possess sufficient reserves in case any unexpected circumstances arise, its goal is to cut costs to ensure long-term success rather than depending on it as a crutch.

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