Prayagraj Tragedy: Former Gangster Atiq Ahmed and His Brother Ashraf Fatally Shot


Atiq Ahmed, a former gangster who later turned into a politician, and his brother Ashraf were fatally shot on Saturday at the Dhoomanganj Police Station in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. The incident took place while they were being interrogated by the Uttar Pradesh Police.

Gunshots rang out as Atiq and Ashraf fell to the ground, victims of an indiscriminate attack by two or three unknown assailants. While the investigation is ongoing, the police have launched a manhunt to bring the culprits to justice. The Uttar Pradesh government has also ordered a high-level inquiry into the incident.

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Atiq had a notorious criminal history and was facing multiple charges. He had been serving a sentence in a murder case and was even accused of operating an illegal hospital from within the prison. Tragically, his son Asad was killed in a police encounter just days before this incident.

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