PM Modi : World needs integrated approach to deal with disasters


On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the world to take a combined approach to handle the consequences of disasters. He emphasized that infrastructure should be inclusive and able to serve people even in times of crisis. In today’s interconnected world, disasters can have far-reaching effects beyond their local impact.

Therefore, we need to work together and not in isolation to deal with disasters. He made these comments during the 5th International Conference on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (ICDRI-2023).

Prime Minister PM Modi said that over 40 countries from all over the world, including rich and poor countries, have joined a group called CDRI to deal with disasters. He was happy to see that not just governments, but also private companies and experts are involved.

He emphasized the importance of using local knowledge to build strong infrastructure that can withstand disasters. By combining modern technology with local insights, we can make our communities more resilient. This knowledge can also be shared with the rest of the world to help others prepare for disasters.

The Prime Minister PM Modi also mentioned that during India’s presidency of the G20, the CDRI will be included in many working groups. This means that the ideas and solutions discussed in CDRI will be considered at the highest levels of global policy-making.

The Prime Minister shared some important ideas for discussing disaster resilience infrastructure. He said that infrastructure should not only focus on making profits, but also on helping everyone, including those in times of crisis. He emphasized that all kinds of infrastructure are important, such as social, digital, and transportation infrastructure.

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The Prime Minister also talked about the importance of working together to deal with disasters. He said that disasters can affect everyone, not just one area or country, so we need to have a combined approach to handle them. He also mentioned that many countries and organizations have joined the CDRI to promote the resilience of infrastructure to climate and disaster risks.

In summary, the Prime Minister believes that infrastructure must be inclusive and resilient and that working together is crucial to effectively manage disasters.

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