Netflix Web series Obsession ending explained!


Obsession,” the latest Netflix thriller, has taken the town by storm. The show follows the story of affluent doctor William (Richard Armitage) and his illicit relationship with his son’s betrothed, Anna (Charlie Murphy), exploring the themes of lust, desire, and BDSM. But how does this story of obsession come to an end? Read on for a comprehensive breakdown of the thrilling climax of this four-part series.

Netflix’s Obsession ending explained

In the concluding sequence of Obsession, William departs from his son Jay’s bachelor party and imparts a piece of advice, “We can never truly predict the future.” Earlier at the pub, Anna had proposed the idea of accepting uncertainty by stating, “Maybe we should just welcome the unknown.” Jay trails his father and discovers him heading towards Peggy’s apartment, who happens to be Anna’s acquaintance. In the apartment, William engages in a bondage session with Anna, restraining her arms while she dons an alluring silk robe and a blindfold. Jay attempts to contact his mother but encounters difficulty in communicating.

As Jay peeks through the door, he witnesses William and Anna engaging in sexual activity. Overwhelmed by shock, Jay stumbles out of the apartment and accidentally falls over the bannister to his death. The camera then pans down to his lifeless body lying at the bottom of the staircase. Meanwhile, a naked William descends to pick up his child, and Anna leaves the building while fully dressed.

Later on, Ingrid and William are seen at home just before Jay’s funeral. However, Anna is nowhere to be found, and only her mother shows up. William asks about Anna’s whereabouts, and her mother explains, “This is what she always does. She runs away.” Despite this, William’s fixation on Anna remains strong, and he storms into Peggy’s office demanding to know where she is.

Anna is finally reunited with her mother at home, and they discuss the recent events. “Just promise me it won’t happen again,” her mother pleads. “Jay could have given you a wonderful life. These boys fall for you so hard. Poor thing never had a chance. Your brother Aston loved you so much.”

Anna storms out of her childhood home upon discovering her mother knew about her brother’s abuse.

In the next scene, Anna is lounging by a pool in Europe. Despite having plans to meet David, she decides to go clubbing instead. There, she shares a kiss with a man but quickly leaves when he becomes inappropriate. William is waiting for her when she returns to the hotel.

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Obsession ending meaning!

The conclusion of the story is open to interpretation, leaving uncertainty about the next steps for Anna and William. While there are multiple possibilities, it appears likely that they will go their separate ways soon.

There are several questions that arise from the ending. Did William’s purchase of the flat suggest his continued obsession with Anna? Was Anna intentionally using seductive behavior to establish boundaries? Are the extended camera shots indicative of tension between Anna and her male therapist? What did Anna’s mother mean by “the last one”? Is this type of behavior typical for Anna?

Overall, the conclusion of the story raises many questions and leaves the fate of Anna and William up for interpretation.

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