Kylian Mbappe voices his discontent with PSG regarding a promotional video


Kylian Mbappe is reportedly frustrated with Paris Saint-Germain after the club used him extensively in their season ticket promotion for the 2023-24 campaign. The French captain expressed his disappointment on Instagram, stating that he feels overexposed and disagrees with the way he was portrayed in the video. This move by the club has seemingly caused tension between Mbappe and PSG.

Paris Saint-Germain’s latest promotional video has sparked controversy, as it features Kylian Mbappe prominently while sidelining his fellow superstars Lionel Messi and Neymar. The video showcases an interview with Mbappe, as well as clips of his match action and fan support, leaving little room for his teammates. However, Mbappe was quick to object to the use of his image in this manner, stating that the club is not solely “Kylian Saint-Germain.” As a result of his complaint, the club promptly removed the season-ticket promotion video.

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“In 2022, Kylian Mbappe inked a new contract, and his current team, the reigning Ligue 1 champions, have high hopes of retaining him in the French capital for the foreseeable future. However, Mbappe reportedly expressed disappointment upon discovering his excessive inclusion in promotional content aimed at recruiting supporters for the upcoming season.”


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