Is Juventus going to hire Luka Modric?


The Juventus football team in Italy is interested in hiring Luka Modric, a skilled player from Real Madrid’s midfield. Modric has played for Real Madrid for many years and has helped them win many important games.

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He has also helped his home country Croatia reach the World Cup final. Juventus wants Modric to strengthen their own midfield team.

Juventus is having a hard time playing well this season and is not doing well in the Serie A league. They want to improve their team and win more championships by making some important signings in the upcoming transfer window.

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Modric is a great player who could be a good fit for Juventus’ midfield because he’s experienced, skilled, and creative. He can help his team control the game and make chances for his teammates to score goals, which would be really helpful for Juventus.

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