Gold Price Today: There was a jump in the price of gold, know today’s latest rate


On Thursday, March 31, 2023, gold prices saw a rise in the bullion market. According to the latest data available on GoodReturn, Ten grams of 22-carat gold costs Rs 55,000 in India today and 24-carat gold costs Rs 60,000. Let us know what is the Gold Rate in other major cities of the country.

These are the gold rates in these cities

City 22K & 24K Gold Rate

Chennai       Rs 55,900 Rs 60,980
Mumbai      Rs 55,000 Rs 60,000
Delhi           Rs 55,150 Rs 60,150
Kolkata       Rs 55,000 Rs 60,150
Bangalore   Rs 55,050 Rs 60,050
Hyderabad Rs 55,000 Rs 60,000
Surat            Rs 54,050 Rs 60,050
Pune            Rs 55,000 Rs 60,000
Visakhapatnam    Rs 55,000 Rs 60,000
Ahmedabad   Rs 55,050 Rs 60,050
Lucknow      Rs 55,150 Rs 60,150
Nashik       Rs 55,030 Rs 60,030

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Local prices may differ from those shown here. All rates listed here are shown without TDS, GST and other applicable taxes.


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