Get ready to play BLACKPINK’s highly-anticipated debut mobile game – Check it out now!


BLACKPINK, one of the most renowned K-pop girl groups, has launched its maiden mobile game! YG Entertainment, the entertainment company that manages the group, has recently announced its collaboration with TakeOne Company to bring forth the BLACKPINK Game in the second quarter of this year.

This sensational game will offer users a glimpse into a multiverse world and allow them to step into the shoes of a BLACKPINK producer. With an array of modes such as training and management simulations, and the BLACKPINK world, users can customize their avatars as per their liking. Moreover, the game will facilitate global connectivity, allowing users to interact with each other despite their geographic locations.

Apart from these exciting features, the mobile game also features high-definition exclusive images and videos, as well as a soundtrack and music video by the talented BLACKPINK. Thanks to YG Entertainment’s innovative approach, fans of the group can now experience a whole new level of entertainment on their mobile devices.

A representative from YG Entertainment recently revealed that BLACKPINK fans will now have the opportunity to witness new sides of their beloved group through an innovative gaming format. The upcoming game promises to offer fans an exclusive experience in the world of BLACKPINK. In collaboration with TakeOne Company, renowned game developers, the world’s top girl group is set to launch their first official game.

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TakeOne Company has shared their excitement for the project, stating that the game will showcase their unparalleled expertise in content games and feature active participation from the BLACK-PINK members. Get ready for a one-of-a-kind gaming experience like no other.

The upcoming K-pop girl group game will feature an exciting mix of mini-games, puzzle quests, managerial tasks, and in-game photocards, along with the unique opportunity to style each member of BLACK-PINK. According to YG Entertainment’s recent press release, players can look forward to discovering never-before-seen aspects of the group through a variety of entertaining gameplay experiences. Join the fandom and enjoy the game from anywhere in the world!

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