Find out if Zack & Irina are still together!


It became apparent that Zack and Irina would face challenges from the moment they met face-to-face outside of The Pods. Are they still living together after their stint on season four of Love Is Blind? If you’re wondering about their current whereabouts and what happened in their relationship, keep reading to find out.

Zack Goytowski and Irina Solomonova were among the 30 contestants on the fourth season of Love Is Blind, which premiered on Netflix on March 24, 2023. The series tracked 15 men and 15 women from Seattle, Washington, as they went on rapid-fire dates in “Pods,” where they could converse but not see each other. During their ten-day stay in “The Pods,” the couples had to decide whether to remain engaged while still blind or end their relationships to pursue a better match.

After the proposal, the couples embark on their first trip together and spend their honeymoon getting acquainted with each other and the other couples. Once they return from vacation, the couples, who live in the same city, move in together, and prepare for their weddings while getting to know each other’s families and friends. On their wedding days, the couples must decide whether to say “I do” or break things off at the altar as they explore the age-old question of whether true love can be blind.

Are Zack and Irina still together?

The question of whether Zack and Irina from season four of Love Is Blind are still together has been answered with a “no.” Despite getting engaged in The Pods during the show, Zack Goytowski and Irina Solomonova decided to end their relationship at the end of episode five after realizing that it wasn’t working out.

During a March 2023 interview with Today, Irina explained the reason for her and Zack’s separation. “I believe that Zack and I were not meant to be,” Irina said. “It had nothing to do with his appearance or anything like that; it was more of a gut feeling that he wasn’t the right match for me.” Zack also acknowledged that he and Irina have not spoken since their split. “I haven’t spoken to Irina since our time in Mexico. She did text me, but I never responded to any of them,” he told Today.

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