Discover the Best 9 Flea Markets in Goa for a Memorable Shopping Experience


A trip to Goa flea markets will satiate a shopaholic with some of the classy flea markets that feature not only exquisite goods and delicacies but also a wide variety of things to buy at amazing prices.

The flea market Goa days is undoubtedly the best beach destination in India that offers a variety of delicacies, shopping is one of those fun experiences.

Top 9 famous Flea Markets in Goa

Saturday Night Market, Arpora The Saturday Night Market is the best for trading in Goa.

1. Saturday Night Market, Arpora

Flea markets are an integral part of Goan tourism, with the Saturday night market in Arpora being the biggest attraction, drawing massive crowds. The flea market in goa on Saturday night market is the best in Goa. It is one of Goa’s famous flea markets and there is a lot to buy at the night market which is lit up with brightly coloured sweets and soothing music playing in the background.

Local kaju feni, cold beer, dried fruits, delicious seafood, hot chocolate waffles, junk jewellery, handicrafts, fashion clothes, beachwear, scarves, hammocks, spices; You name it, they have it all at the Saturday night market in the popular seaside destination of Arpora.

2. Anjuna Flea Market

The flea market Goa Anjuna is not only known for its glistening waterfront but it is also the talk of the state for its Cosmological Flea Market where you can buy delicacies from different parts of India.

Known for its junk jewellery, Indian handicrafts, carvings, trendy outfits, ethnic wear and more, this Goan market will leave you speechless as to what to choose and what to leave. Get the best stuff from India and don’t forget to put on your bargain hat. This one will surprise you deeply.

3. Arambol Market

With its bohemian atmosphere and exceptional experience, Arambol Flea Market has a lot to offer. Often known as the hippie flea market, the Arambol flea market in Goa offers everything from fashion accessories to trendy clothes.

Dotted with many shops run by Indians and ex-pats from different countries like Ukraine, Russia etc. To put it better, you can buy many quality products like hammocks, crystals, dreamcatchers, lampshades, crafts, leather goods, trinkets or even books from here. homeless shopping place in goa.

Plus, the Arambol Drum Circle vibrator with a musical extravaganza that lifts you and makes your shopping experience the most memorable ever.

4. Mackie Night Market, Baga

Treat yourself to a small dose of shopping during your visit to one of the best vacation spots in India. The seaside destination renowned for its parties and revelry is also full of extraordinary flea markets where shopping is a delightful affair. Mackie’s Night Bazaar on popular Baga Beach is famous for a range of restaurants offering lip-smacking dishes and various stalls where you’ll find vintage trinkets to buy.

One of the biggest markets in Goa, this Saturday night market will blow you away with the best food and shopping experience in Goa. Shop for unique handicrafts, souvenirs, eco-friendly gifts, clothes, rugs, bags and so on amid live bands that make the atmosphere of the place vibrant and charming.

5. Calangute Market Square

You don’t need to pack a lot when going on a beach holiday in Goa because you will find irresistible things that are enough to keep you shopping. One such market is Calangute Market Square, where shopping is hard to resist.

From finding the best beachwear to one-of-a-kind jewellery, you’re sure to swoon over discount deals on just about anything on the market. Shells, beachwear, sarongs, souvenirs, handicrafts, leather goods, antiques, you name it and you will find it in this market where shopping is the most rewarding.

 6. Tibetan Market, Baga

The Baga Road Tibetan Market is lined with countless shops and stalls selling clothes, shoes, souvenirs, jewellery, leather goods and other useful items. As the sun goes down, lanterns light up this amazing market where you can buy all the hip and trendy local things.

Apart from the ultimate shopping experience, you can also expect great culinary delights that will satisfy your taste buds in the vibrant atmosphere of live music and entertainment from Goan entertainers. From good quality clothes to elegant shoes and exquisite jewellery, there is something for every pocket size. Treat yourself to retail therapy in this market.

7. Mapusa Market

The weekly market outside the Mapusa Municipal Market in North Goa is the most attractive and affordable. Apart from the locals, Mapusa Flea Market is packed with tourists as it is the most recommended market to buy traditional Goan goods.

Flea market on Friday, vendors in Bardez, Tiswadi and other parts of Goa display local products. Famous for its fish and sausages, you can also find local handicrafts, pottery, artefacts, junk jewellery, beachwear, coconut fibre products, etc. at a reasonable price. One of the busiest and cheapest markets in Goa, this has to be on the list if shopping is on your agenda.

8. Ingo’s Night Bazaar

Ingo’s Night Bazaar in Arpora is one of the vibrant flea markets in Goa today where you can expect a great shopping experience. This Saturday night market is packed with stalls that have a lot to offer. From food stalls to a variety of merchandise, just grab your beer and you’ll be ready to shop from dusk till dawn.

The unique handicrafts, souvenirs and antiques sold in European shops are fascinating and wonderful to own. In addition to the charming atmosphere of these European shops, you can wander around to buy beautiful hats, jewellery, clothes, souvenirs and many other items at irresistible prices.

Visit this wonderful night flea market in north Goa where musical performances by local bands add to the best street shopping experience.

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9. Colva Beach Market

Colva Beach flea Market in South Goa is very popular among shopaholics who are fascinated with stylish outfits and trendy accessories. This flea market open is one of the most popular places for shoppers, as compulsive shoppers are sure to find products from high-end stores and boutiques at discount prices.

All you need to do is have hunting eyes and good negotiation skills. If you are looking for a penny and want to go shopping, this flea market in Goa days will fulfil your shopping desire. Once you find trendy and super stylish outfits, you can find amazing souvenirs, crafts and jewellery that are hard to find anywhere else. Colva is a famous beach destination in Goa that offers a unique collection of products in its market. Don’t miss out on shopping fun!

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