Coronavirus Update: Is the fourth wave of Corona coming to the country? Learn – the opinion of experts


Coronavirus Update: The way the cases of corona are increasing across the country including UP, the apprehension of the fourth wave is getting stronger. However, experts do not believe so. He says that in the month of May-April, the number of corona infected may be around 20 thousand daily but there is no possibility that there will be a situation like the third wave.

According to some reports, the peak of corona may come in the next 15-20 days. Sensing the threat of Corona, the department is on alert mode. The Center has given instructions to the states to take special vigilance. Along with this, people have also been appealed to take corona precautions.

On Friday, 6050 cases of corona have been reported in a single day. With this, the number of active patients has increased to 28,303 across the country. If we talk about Uttar Pradesh, here also the number of patients is continuously increasing.

On Friday, 232 new patients were found here in 24 hours, on Thursday this number was 192. Talking about Lucknow, 50 new cases have come to the fore during this period. A day earlier this number was 24. For the first time in the year 2023, so many cases have come in a single day. With this, the number of active patients has reached 161 in the capital.

What do experts say?

Kanpur IIT Professor Manindra Aggarwal says that the cases of corona may increase in the next one or two months, but after that everything can be fine. Earlier, he had also claimed that from May, 20,000 cases can be reported daily. He also appeals to people to be cautious.

Are we inviting infection?

The fear of the fourth wave of Corona is instilled in people because something similar happened last year as well. Gradually the number of corona patients increased. After the panchayat elections, the situation worsened to such an extent that all the hospitals were full. The situation seems to be becoming the same again. UP municipal elections are to be held in the next month. Apart from this, the way crowds of people are gathering in matches like IPL, the risk of infection is increasing. Cricket fans thronged to watch the T20 match between Lucknow and Hyderabad at Ikana on Friday. This included everyone from children to the elderly. In such a situation, people themselves also need to take precautions.

WHO is monitoring these viruses?

According to a statement issued by the Health Ministry, the Center, and states have been informed that the World Health Organization is currently closely monitoring a variant of interest, XBB.1.5, and six other variants. The spread of XBB increased from 21.6 percent in February to 35.8 percent in March, the statement said. Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said that on April 10 and 11, there will be a mock drill of Corona across the country to check the condition of the infrastructure of all the hospitals.

More than 97 percent of patients in home isolation

According to statistics, there is a sudden increase in corona infection in Uttar Pradesh since March 16. Within 8 days, the number of active cases of Covid has increased from 352 to 991 in the state. That is, there has been an increase of about 281 percent. However, it is a matter of relief that more than 97 percent of the patients are in home isolation. Only 15 patients out of 991 are admitted to the hospital. All the others are being treated by keeping them in home isolation.

More than two billion people got corona vaccine

According to the data released by the Health Department, so far 2,20,66,20,700 vaccines have been installed across the country. Significantly, on January 16, 2021, the vaccination campaign against Corona was started in the country.

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People coming from abroad will be tested for corona in UP

Given the increasing cases of the corona, the Medical and Health Department of UP is alert. Passengers coming from abroad will now be tested for corona. The number of people infected with corona has started increasing in the OPD of government and private hospitals. More such people are coming who have a cold, fever, and difficulty in breathing. Instructions have been given to identify such people and get them tested for corona within 24 hours.

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