Business Idea In 2023: Start this business with less money, earn up to ₹ 4000 every day


If you want to start a Business, then today we have brought a great business idea for you. By doing this business, unemployed youth can earn an income of more than Rs.4000 per day. If you have to start this business and you are short of money then you can start it with the help of the government. There will be an income of lakhs of rupees every month.

what is this business?

We are talking about starting the business of making Corn Flakes Business In 2023. The demand for cornflakes is in our country as well as its demand is very high in foreign countries as well. It has been said to be very nutritious for health. It has been told that gym goers use it a lot.

What are needed

Let’s get information about what things are needed to start a business. It has been said that machines are required along with electrical equipment. Maize is needed as a raw material. That’s why it has been told that it is appropriate to plant maize in areas where maize production is high.

Along with it, it has been told that GST number, electricity connection, the land around 3000 square feet, and warehouse are required to store raw material and made corn flakes.

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how much will it cost

To start the career of cornflakes, 5 to 8 lakh rupees are required. If you do not have money or have less money then you can take advantage of the Mudra loan scheme. From there you will easily get the loan.

how much is the profit

It has been told that the cost of making 1 kg of cornflakes comes to Rs.30. At the same time, its price in the market is 70 rupees. If 100 kg of cornflakes are reaching the market in 1 day, then you will get 4000 rupees per day. In this way, you can earn around 120000 rupees in a month.

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