Arvind Kejriwal has made very serious allegations against PM Modi, so serious that even his membership is in danger


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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has made very serious allegations against Prime Minister Modi. These allegations are so serious that if someone files a case against him and demands proof of the allegations made by him against PM Modi, Kejriwal’s Rajya Sabha membership will be canceled. Kejriwal has made such allegations that are difficult to believe.

Arvind Kejriwal has claimed that- he has been told by a senior BJP leader that all the money Gautam Adani has is PM Modi’s. Gautam Adani is just an agent who gets a commission to settle PM Modi’s money.

Arvind Kejriwal did not tell that with which big BJP leader he has such a deep friendship, who has revealed the secret of PM Modi, which neither the opposition nor the country’s media knew till now.

Delhi CM said in the assembly- “That BJP leader asked me why Modi ji helps Adani so much? I said that both were friends, so they do it. So he said that Modi ji has not done anything for anyone to date. Did nothing for his wife, his mother, his relatives, and his master. Why is he so kind to his friend? I asked what is the matter then. The leader said you think that such a big crisis happened? Hindenburg’s report came There was spitting all around. The entire Adani group crashed. Modi ji is so selfish that if the matter was only for friendship, he would have sidelined him and said that he has nothing to do with him. But he is still trying to save it. Telling SBI to give him money. I was also surprised that such a friend is drowning and they are trying to save him.

Kejriwal further said- “I said then what is the matter, then he says that Adani is only a front. All the money in Adani is invested by Modi. I said how can this happen. It cannot happen. It is said inside Adani. All the money is with Modi ji. Adani only manages that money. He is their manager. He gets 10%, 15%, and 20% commission. The rest of the money is with Modi ji. If If the investigation is done tomorrow, Adani will not drown, Modi will drown. The day Adani drowns, Modi will drown.” PM is greedy for money

Arvind Kejriwal said- “The current Prime Minister is the most corrupt Prime Minister of the country. People give GST, and that money goes to Modi ji. They are looting with both hands. Congress has looted more in 7 years than it did in 75 years.” Looted. Modi ji’s brain, Adani’s money. I am worried about the fact that the Prime Minister is less educated. People from East India Company used to come, praised, and captured the whole country. There is lust for money.”

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