Apple’s recently opened a new store in a new country, after a gap of almost 4.5 years, Learn the reasons behind this exciting move!


On Tuesday, Apple launched its first facility in India, marking the country’s significance to Apple’s long-term strategy. The facility, called Apple BKC, is located in Mumbai, the financial hub of India, and will be followed by another shop in the Delhi area on Thursday. Apple has been operating in India for over 25 years. CEO Tim Cook expressed his excitement to expand the company’s legacy in India, citing the country’s vibrant culture and energy.

Some experts suggest that Apple’s strategy of boosting iPhone sales and manufacturing in India resembles its earlier approach in China. Apple aims to increase its iPhone sales and production in India. Apple’s Mumbai store is renowned for being one of the most energy-efficient sites globally, with a self-sufficient solar power system that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. Apple claims that its operations at Apple BKC are powered entirely by renewable energy sources.

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Apple CEO, Tim Cook, considers India to be a crucial market and has expressed a positive outlook on the country’s economy. Apple is placing significant emphasis on the Indian market and recently opened a new store. Cook personally attended the store’s inauguration, marking his second visit to India as CEO of Apple.

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